Sunday, October 5, 2008

Catskills, NY & ATP Fest

Here are some images from our trip to the Catskills in September. 3 nights rocking out at the ATP Music Fest in Monticello and then 2 nights chilling out at the Inn at Lake Joseph.

The music fest was held at Kutshers, a 50's era country club that was like stepping back in time.

the venue served perfectly as a slightly beat up play ground for about 3,000 "alt rock dorks"

Meat Puppets rocking out

Fuck Buttons, fucking with buttons

Les Savy Fav's lead singer being carried on a ladder through the crowd

The Inn was a beautiful turn of the century building by a 250 acre private lake.  Amenities included a pool table, ping pong, badminton, hiking trails, and kayaks.

There was a disturbing amount of bear poop on this trail

totally relaxed

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